Monday, August 17, 2020

Premium Membership: Catherine's Awakening No. 3

In the week following The Masquerade, a secret sex party hosting the city’s elite, Catherine & Becky’s relationship continues to develop. Becky’s plans for her own sex club at the gym are taking shape as she prepares to host their first new member: Tabetha the limousine driver.

Becky plans to break in the new voyeur massage room, and her custom table. She’s not sure what Tabby is expecting, but Becky plans to make her beg for a happy ending. Meanwhile, Mary has decided to join Catherine in the observation room, excited by the prospect of witnessing Catherine watch Becky touch another woman.

What other amenities await Catherine in this new sex club? Becky has a surprise lined up, and can’t wait to show her.

Available now on Amazon (Read for free with Kindle Unlimited)

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